About Us

Catherine Laboure is a NYS non-public day school. The school is a 12-month program, serving students with Learning Disabilities as well as Speech Impairment, from the ages of 5-14. Additionally, we also serve intellectually disabled students from the ages of 5-21.

Catherine Laboure offers academic as well as vocational programs, including volunteer opportunities both in-house and within the community, with supervision.

The school also offers counseling, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech services. All of these services are in compliance with the students’ Individualized Education Plans.

One of the primary obligations of this school is to ensure that our students receive an appropriate education in an environment that is consistently conducive to learning. Students should feel secure in school and accepted by their teachers. All students should be treated fairly and with the utmost respect while at the same time being free to express ideas and opinions freely. In keeping with this, students actively engaged in the learning process should know the consequences of their actions.

Additionally, it is important that there be maximum consultation and cooperation between the school and the home. Students, parents, and staff are all key partners in the effort to create and maintain a safe and cooperative learning environment.

While the moral obligation of training children rests first with the parents, it is the responsibility of the school to give extension and broadening to parental training. To that effect, the teachers and school staff are dedicated to finding the best means of guiding and teaching your children. All children should expect a full accounting of what the student does in school. As role models then, parents and school staff will exhibit behavior they would like to see emulated in a sincere effort to nurture the skills, both social and academic, that the students need to succeed in school and in society.


The special education opportunities available in the Laboure Program are designed to provide the best possible educational services to children with learning disabilities who possess a valid Individual Education Plan (IEP). The program is a long term commitment to supporting those children whose cognitive abilities fall short of the current New York State Performance Standards in the absence of support or are in need of a Functional Life Skills program, exempt from all state performance exams.


  • Giving each child a sense of self-worth and dignity.
  • Increasing their awareness and understanding of accepting academic support proactively.
  • Educating all students to reach their fullest potential.
  • Equipping our students with the necessary skills for independent living.
  • Promoting and encouraging self-help and equality of academic opportunity.
  • Ensuring a smooth elementary-to-high-school transition by developing strong, sequential learning and study skills.


Catherine Laboure began in 1965 at St. Joseph’s school on Pacific Street in Brooklyn. The founders took notice that there was an immediate need to help children who had special needs in the Brooklyn Diocese. As time went on, the program began to expand to other locations, finally reaching all five boroughs.