Admission Policy

Students from 5 years old to 21 may be considered for admission provided the following criteria exist:

  • The Committee on Special Education (CSE) in his/her home district has seen the student, Phase 1 of the IEP is in place and the school has received the documents.
  • The student’s evaluation states that the student functions in a range that we can service appropriately and the student has social, emotional, and behavioral needs similar to those of the broader school population.
  • Our staff screening reports indicates that the student would benefit from our special education program.
  • The parent agrees that if any mandated related services become necessary that cannot be provided by the program, the parent will pursue a Related Service Agreement (RSA) from the NYC Dept of Education or seek private services at the parent’s expense.
  • Parents are willing to participate cooperatively in the program with regard to fundraising, parent meetings and required follow up for time-sensitive evaluations and plans.
  • The student’s program recommendation falls within the current state-approved classifications specific to our program and there is an opening at the site commensurate with the applicant’s age.

Admission Procedures

  • The most current IEP is sent to office for review by the admissions director and principal. IEP is more than a year old a parent must request an emergency reconvene to update it.
  • If the classification is appropriate on the setting, the IEP is forwarded to the relevant teacher to review.
  • A one to three day screening session will be set. The student attends in the class he/she is anticipated to register in. During this period, the student is expected to meet whatever obligations are reasonable, including homework, with the exception of exams. A portfolio of work and teacher anecdotes is assembled and reviewed by the teacher, principal and appropriate related service personal and will be the basis for an admissions decision.
  • A meeting is held with the student, parent and principal to determine status of admission. All school policies are then reviewed again including lunch and uniform, policy. If accepted, the parent agrees and will provide registration documents and program fees prior to admissions.
  • The office will provide to all relevant personal the IEP and related reports.