Cinco de Mayo

Students  enjoyed a taco lunch and  dancing to music . They  also had a lot of fun hitting the piñata.IMG_0518


Graduates received their rings . The day was beautiful  and the students did a wonderful job. ring day

Friendship week Feb.13-17

IMG_1640Students celebrated friendship week with great activities . The school had a bake sale  and a visit from the dentist. The school had a crazy hat and sock day . The students had a volleyball game against the teachers. STUDENTS WON!!! The girls were treated to a dance lesson as the boys played a 4 on 4 basketball game . WHAT A GREAT WEEK WITH FRIENDS !!!

Winter Wonderland Show

On December 22, 2016 the school had its first annual winter wonderland show. The students sang and danced to holiday music. Hot chocolate and sugar cookies were served and at the and of the show a visit from Santa.

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

On October 21, 2016 the Catherine Laboure staff and students recognized women suffering with Breast Cancer and honored Breast Cancer survivors. The students and faculty wore pink shirt in remembrance of those who have survived and those who have passed from the disease. The students participated in a Walk-a-thon around the gymnasium. They also had a bake sale that raised over $100 all proceeds have been sent to Susan G. Komem Making Strides.

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Annual Walk-a-thon – Nov 4th

The students of Catherine Laboure participated in their Annual Walk-a-thon on November 4th, 2016 to help raise money for their school. Classes were spilt up into two teams the Red team and the Blue team. Our school’s goal was exceeded by over $100. We were able to raise over $1,000 with the support of our students and their families. The Blue Team brought in the most money so they won a free dress down day and an ice cream party. We had three top winners who were awarded medals. We are very thankful and proud of the support our Program receives from the families and students.

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website picturesThe school celebrated the beginning of the summer Olympics with many fun activities.  Prior in the week, each class presented  information on a country of their choice. The students and staff had a great day